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Helene Schwartz

Owner & Licensed Esthetician

The idea of Urban Skin Care Dallas was born in 2005...

Just as our skin matures as we age, so has my business, “Urban Skin Care Dallas.”

I’m grateful to have built lasting relationships with my clients, which has laid the groundwork and allowed me to express my passion for better skin care.

My daily focus is on each and every individual client. My forte lies within the basic fundamentals of skin care, extractions, which are the most important step in a proper facial. 

Being a “Skin Hygienist”, I dissect the entire face during every session and I ensure that my clients leave with clean skin and a greater understanding of the reasons for my methods.

A few things I'm proud of...

– 15 + Years Experience serving the DFW Area.

– Specialized in Medical Grade Facials, Chemical Peels, Micro-Needling, & More.

– Licensed Clinical Esthetician. Bilingual.

5 ⭐  Rating on Google & Facebook.

My interview with Charles Wright from Canvas Rebel

Helene, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. Is there a heartwarming story from your career that you look back on?

At Urban Skin Dallas, I have helped pave the way for clients from across the globe, all walks of life, to achieve proper skin care which is the first and foremost important step to healthy skin. Putting my clients first is the heart of Urban Skin Care Dallas mission statement, we individualize each and every clients needs with customized care. To highlight how deeply committed Urban Skin Care Dallas is to men, women and young teens, who rely on our treatments, commitment and education we are sharing a heartwarming story. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., and affects up to 50 million Americans annually.

Lorena, an executive with an IT company had acne since the birth of her second child. After much searching she enrolled in a year long Spa membership, hoping to get results. Apparently, her monthly Facials, was not results driven. After desperate Googling, she came across Urban Skin Care Dallas. Before and after pictures of our patients and reviews, prompted a call. We spoke briefly about her concerns and made an immediate appointment.

We met, as a licensed Medical Esthetician specializing in Acne, most of our time was spent listening, talking and assessing her skin. In spite of her concerns, I stress that there is “always hope”, despite all her issues. During her appointment, I let her know she could expect tremendous results after following my regular skin care instructions with follow up appointments every 4-6 weeks.

Lorena’s skin is so clear now, she still maintains her Facials every 6 weeks including using medical grade products at home. Her husband said, “What took you so long to find Urban Skin Care Dallas”? I know, she appreciates the impact I have on her skin, confidence and overall health.


Helene, before we move on to more of these sorts of questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed on you and what you do?

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico before moving to the U.S., after the age of 24. I quickly made a name for myself, building a stellar reputation that has put me at the top of my craft in Skin Care, since 2005. In the world of Facials, I am known for my knowledge in science and the mix of plant based ingredients. In combining the two elements my clients get the most effective treatments and results.

I am best known for my keen attention to detail. Each and every client leaves with clean pores, NO blackheads or milia. Facials are my focus.

My facials are not always a “feel good experience “, but my client leaves with clean, healthy, glowing and radiant skin.

I exclusively use, Bioline, Italian products.


Training and knowledge matter of course, but beyond that what do you think matters most in terms of succeeding in your field?

I believe it’s customer knowledge, one should know your customers needs and what they think of you. I am able to develop mutually beneficial knowledge sharing relationships with my clients, talking with them about future requirements and discussing how I may add new products and services to ensure my clients needs.


Any advice for managing a team?
Communication, communication! Recognizing strength and contributions

Relax, have fun and connect with staff

I am transparent personally and professionally. Being authentic will make you approachable and relatable.

I am human but I see staff as human as well not just an employee.

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